The Lab

The lab is where development testing and production happens.  This area includes both finished product and ideas in development.  Some items are only accessible with secure credentials, others are open to the public.  Hopefully, the section headings are obvious.  
WORK IN PROGRESS (open access)
Fridge Magnet Ninja
An application that connects people with lists of needed items.  Whether you are a busy family, or an office administrator,
Fridge Magnet Ninja can help you streamline your shopping process, get what you need when you need it, and avoid shortages.
Sensor Spiders
These small connected bundles are densly packed sensor arrays that connect to each other in a mesh network to provide you with a constant feed of temperature, moisture, presure, light quality, and other environmental details.
Merger  - a mail merge application
Merger is a mailer application that can take a formatted comma separated value (csv) file of
contact information and merge it into a message template for bulk delivery. It is a PERL based
mailer that can be used with any SMTP MTA. The user interface is all CLI and there are no plans
for any kind of advanced user interface. This was created as a tool for testing MTA performance,
but it works as a volume mailer in any case.

This is NOT a Campaign Manager or CRM tool nor is this an MTA. There is not a fancy web interface
to processes mail with, it is all controlled with the command shell.   DOWNLOAD HERE